Crystal's Royal Secrets

The birth of WaterLady, Inc. the company that creates the "Crystal's Royal Secrets" line is a true rain to rainbow story.

I was a successful fashion model and actress in New York City. Then on Friday, October 13th, 1989, came the terrible news; I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Life had already thrown me more than my share of hard fast balls; this one I was not sure I could take. A single parent with a three year-old son. Alone, what will I do? Crying in the bathroom with the shower running, so not to frighten my child, was my daily routine. It didn't take long for my body to react. Handfuls of hair began to fall out. It was horrifying. One hears stories like this from people undergoing chemotherapy (I was not being treated that way), apparently my fear was very powerful.

Reality hit hard. Not only was I trying to save my life... I was on the way to losing my hair. My mission to save my hair began in earnest. After research and dialogue with herbalists, I combined herbs and oils; the diligent use of this herbal mixture produced fast results. My first personal product was born.

I also noticed a perk, my hair grew thicker! My inner voice let me know that I had a blessing to share. So off I went to herbal school and the beginnings of the "Crystal's Royal Secrets" product line... with the help of family members and friends, WaterLady, Inc. was created. 

Now we craft a line of natural products for both hair and skin care.

The mission is simple... to continue exploring the herbal kingdo.  Creating effective, extraordinary products for the whole family, in harmony with nature. So, with gratitude, we present the "Crystal's Royal Secrets" experience. 

Love and Light
S. Crystal Devin,
President and CEO
WaterLady, Inc.

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