Q: What is the difference between the Scented Herbal Hair Rejuvenator and the Unscented?

A: Just the scent, which is a lovely peach.

Q: How should I use these products?

A: You should use just a little everyday or every other day. Apply some in the scalp and run some through your hair.

Q: I use it everyday but my friend told me she only needs it three times a week, why is that?

A: Every body absorbs differently. If your hair is very dry you'll use it more often than someone who has hair that is already oily.

Q: What is the difference between the Herbal Hair Rejuvenator and the Sheep Sorrel?

A: The Herbal Hair Rejuvenator is a combination of six different herbs and two oils, its not as heavy as the Sheep Sorrel which is formulated for the thin or damaged areas only. That is why my clients use them both. The Sheep Sorrel in the thinner or damaged areas and the HHR in the rest of the scalp. The Sheep Sorrel is a heavier ointment, so use sparingly.

Q: Suppose the entire head has very thin hair?

A: Then just use a little in your entire scalp or do a 50-50. 50% HHR and 50% SS.

Q: Can I get the Sheep Sorrel in liquid form?

A: Yes, on request, you can get many things not on the Website. We do custom orders often.

Q: Why are my products different colors sometimes?

A: We get the castor oil in large pails. At the top its golden and as we get closer to the bottom its gets darker. The olive oil can come from various countries and often the color varies. These variances cause the product to sometimes change in color. The quality never changes!

Q: Can my son and husband use these products?

A: Yes, of course we have many male clients.

Q: Can little children use these products?

A: My grandchildren have used the unscented HHR when they were around one year old. The SS would mix in around four years old.

Q: How long will it take before I see results?

A: It varies. Give it between one to four months. If you don't see a change in four months we'll talk and try to figure out why. We work with our clients, we don't just sell products.

Q: How long will it take to get my products?

A: They will be mailed out as soon as your check clears. Money orders go out in 48 hours.

Q: How long will my products stay fresh?

A: At least one year. They have been tested for microbes and other harmful substances. The laboratory was very impressed with how well they tested for over a year. The technician said much of this was due to the fact that none of the products contain water.

Q: Is it possible to be allergic to any of the herbs?

A: It is possible to be allergic to anything on this planet. In ten years we have had only six clients who were sensitive to some of the herbs.

Q: What are those particles I sometimes see in my hair products?

A: Herbs. We use such an abundance of herbs, and its hard to strain them all out.

Q: Sometimes my ointment liquefies in the summer. Is it okay?

A: Oh Yes! We try and not use too much beeswax, so sometimes this happens.

Q: Why do you use beeswax in your ointment?

A: When formulating an ointment, you need something for the ingredients to adhere to, beeswax turned Out to be the best choice. We are always looking to stay as close to nature as possible. We get it straight from a bee farm.

Q: I chemically straighten my hair, will your products work for me?

A: It sure will!

Q: I wear locks and my daughter has braids. Can we use your products?

A: Absolutely, You can really get into the scalp. My locked clients love to oil their locks With the liquid Herbal Hair Rejuvenator!

Q: I love the scents of the body oils! Can I put some in my hair?

A: Yes, many clients have told me they do that. This is the beauty of working with nature and not chemicals. Mix and match, have fun!

Q: My hair has really changed for the better and is growing. Will anything bad happen if I were to stop using these products?

A: No! but why would you stop using something that's working for you? I have clients Who've been using these products for ten years and have no intention of ever stopping.

Q: My girlfriend told me she has a hair oil you created just for her. Do you do that?

A: We are so dedicated to you receiving your desired results, we often formulate a product not listed on the website. That's why you should stay in touch with us. We are here to work with you. It's really so disappointing when someone places one order and we never hear from them again. We know they didn't give the products a fair chance. These are herbs. It takes a little while to see your results. Dryness will be changed immediately.

Q: Can I get my products in a larger size?

A: Just call us, we'll work it out.

Q: Do I make my check or money order out to Crystal's Royal Secrets or Waterlady,Inc?

A: Waterlady, Inc. please!

Q: How will my products be shipped?

A: Regular mail, First Class Priority with a delivery confirmation slip.

Q: If my progress is slow because of a health problem, stress or I need nutritional Help?Can you help me?

A: We work with a lovely sister who specializes in these sorts of issues, she does telephone consultations and can see you if you live anywhere near Manhattan. Her name is Serena Silva. Her telephone number is 212-799-8711, email

Q: I want to become an independent sales representative. What will it cost me and how do I do it?

A: After you've used the products, it will only cost you what you invest to get started, meaning how many of each unit you purchase wholesale. We recommend six to twelve, but that's your choice. It's very simple. You'll talk with Crystal, she'll want to make sure you understand the products and how they work.

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