What users say about Crystal's Royal Secrets

"I had to write you this letter to let you know the wonderful results I received from using CRYSTAL'S ROYAL SECRETS (CRS). Unbelievable is all I can say! ...After the first 3 and a half months my hair stylist noticed a significant change in the growth pattern of my hair..."

"...I have been very pleased with all of the products that I have received from Miss Devin. Not only am I pleased with her products, I am also very pleased with her style of doing business. Once I place an order via mail. I receive the products immediately. Recently I mailed an order to her on a Saturday and by Wednesday, my letter carrier was ringing my bell with the order...".

"..well, with WaterLady, Inc. products the results have always met my high expectations. Each and every time I have the privilege of purchasing some of your special ointments and oil I find they do wonderful things to my hair..."

"... However, as a result of using the Herbal Hair Rejuvenator ointment and the Sheep Sorrell ointment in difficult areas, I have seen my hair recover from the strenuous pace I have subjected it to..." 

"...Ms. Devin your product is a Heaven Sent Gift, that God our Loving Father commissioned you to do... OH LORD what wonderful results I've received in just 1 month..."

"...my hair was falling out very badly. I was going to expensive doctors... didn't do much good until a client of yours suggested I use your herbal oil treatment... My hair stopped falling out after about one week of using your product..."

"... after using it for a few weeks, my hair stopped falling out and new strands began to grow. The texture of my hair also began to change. It became more manageable with a healthier appearance..."

"I have been using the ointment for a few weeks only and I have noticed that not only my hair stopped falling out... it also used to have an extreme dryness problem (from the perms) but even that has now cleared up..."

"My hair was thick but short. I could never generate length and my scalp was extremely dry. The Herbal Oil Treatment has softened my hair and makes it more manageable with a wonderful smell. The stimulating Herbal Hair Rejuvenator has combated my itchy scalp and grown my hair! "


I really didn't expect my hair to grow like this,I was just trying to get rid of the dryness. I even put it in my beard. Great product!

"I loved the silky-satiny feeling of the
Body Oil.  This along with an apple a day makes me feel fabulous!!!"

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